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Faculty & Staff

Shun-Hsiang Weng (Jointly Appointed)

Professor and President

Degree:National Taiwan University Department of Agricultural Chemistry Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Fermetation Technology、Food Chemistry、Food Analysis、Research and Development of New Products

License:Food Technologist


Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G1114

Yu-Jen Wu (Jointly Appointed)

Professor and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Degree:National Taiwan University Institute of Microbiology and Biochemical Science Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Skin poteomics



Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G320

Yu-Kuei Chen

Associate Professor and Chair

Degree:Kaohsiung Medical University Graduate Institute of Medicine, College of Medicine Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Nutriology、Diet Therapy、Biochemistry、Molecular Biology of Cancer、Quantity Food Production Mangement



Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G1124

Tai-Sheng Yeh

Associate Professor and Agricultural & Chair of aquacultural products Analysis service center  

Degree:National Taiwan University Department of Chemistry Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Instrumental Analysis、Food and Feed Analysis、Food Chemistry、Chemistry


Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G1128

Wen-Tung Wu (Jointly Appointed)

Associate Professor and Chair of Health Industry Service Technology R&D Center

Degree:National Taiwan University Department of Agricultural Chemistry Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Nutriology、Fermetation Technology、Cell Biology、Research and Development of Healthy Foods


Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G1101

Chun-Yi Hu

Associate Professor

Degree:National Taiwan University Department of Agricultural Chemistry  Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Applied Microbiology、Food Microbiology、Fermetation Technology、Research and Development of Healthy Foods


Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G1118

Chin-Fu Chou

Assistant Professor and  Chief of Research & Development Office Section

Degree:National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Department of food science  Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Food Chemistry、Food Processing、Research and Development of New Products

License: Food Technologist


Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G1106

Hsuan Dai (Jointly Appointed)


Degree:National Yang Ming University, Department & Institute of Physiology M.S.

Academic expertise:Nutriology、Therapeutic Nutrition、Geriatric Nutrition、Anatomic Physiology



Office:Basic medicine building B212

Li-Na Chen

Associate Professor

Degree:National Dong Hwa University Graduate Institute of Folk Literature  Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Chinese Literature、Folk Literature、Folktale


Office:Renfa Building C305

Pin-Pin Chou

Assistant Professor

Degree:Institute of Education, University of Montana, USA  Ph. D.

Academic expertise:English Listening Training、English Grammar、English Vocabulary and Comprehension、Fundamental of English Conversation Practice


Office:Medical Biotechnology Building G322

Wen-Yu Hsieh

Assistant Professor

Degree:Institute of Education, University of Spalding, USA  Ph. D.

Academic expertise:Business English、English Listening Training、Grammar and Translation、English Writing、Qualitative Research


Office:Renfa Building C303-2

Pansy Chung

Assistant Professor

Degree:De Paul University, Chicago, IL, USA Master of Computer M.S.

Academic expertise:System、Multimedia Applications、Management Information、Networking Management & Applications


Office:Business Building E404-2